Gifts For Executives That Have Everything

The Best Unique Gifts for Executives

We get it. It is really hard to find a great gift for an executive.

Sure you’re aiming for classy and sophisticated, but you’ll also want to give something that they will actually use. A gift is only as good as its functionality, and the key for finding something truly extraordinary is to understand what an executive wants versus what they really need.

At Clove & Twine, we’ve got the goods that will stand out in a world of so-so stuff. We have curated a selection that will please a variety of palates, for the executives that seems to already have everything. Check out these unique executive gift ideas:

Handmade Leather Padfolio

Where fashion meets function.
Any executive would carry this stunning leather padfolio under their arm proudly. It holds the essentials for any business meeting (notepad, cards, pen, wallet, and/or phone), with sleek vegetable-tanned Tuscany leather. The attention to detail in this item makes it a unique and functional gift. 


The ultimate duffle bag for the big boss.
An executive is going to need to haul all their stuff around, whether for travel, a long day full of meetings, or even just hitting the gym after work. For any professional, it’s important to have a case that can carry it all and look sleek as hell at the same time. These folks are also the masters of getting-it-all-into-one-bag, so that means something durable and convenient to use as well. It’s also the perfect duffle to grab for a much needed long weekend away!


Gunmetal Black Flask

A wonder flask for a weekend warrior.
This ain’t your average flask. Plated in brazen gunmetal black, each polished six-ounce vessel is liquid-tight and crowned with a weighty, equally lustrous cap to hold any desired liquor. People will ask your boss, “where did you get that amazing flask?” to which they will reply, “from my amazing and thoughtful employees.” High fives to you.

Handmade Buffalo Leather Carryall Tech Kit

Busy lives require smart solutions.
We all know how frustrating it can be to have to rummage around in a bag for the gadget you need. Often our headphones are tangled, the lid to our lip balm has come off, our charger is in knots, and our keys have fallen to the bottom. Not only do these items take an unnecessary beating, but they’re also essential in getting through daily life - especially for an executive. This carry-all keeps everything organized and in one place. That means a less stressed, more happy boss. Let’s face it, James Bond probably has one.


A Custom Curated Kit

When one just isn’t enough.
Can’t figure out what to get, and need something extra special? Get an array of different items as a set. Build your own custom box using our KitBuilder platform and curate the perfect gift to make anyone feel like the baddest boss in town.

And if desired, any of these gifts can be branded with the company logo. Let them represent that brand proudly, and customize whatever gift you choose to make it extra special. Whatever you decide on from our website, you know if you’re getting it here it’s going to be remarkable!

Gift Remarkably,


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