New Collection Spotlight: Everyday Carry

There are some things we simply can’t live without.

Yes, there are the obvious needs: food, water, clothing, shelter, Internet access, a Monday-morning grande quad shot vanilla latte. Yet there are also a number of everyday essentials that we may not even realize we need.

This is why we created our new Everyday Carry collection.

These items go to work for you. They put the ease in easy, the function in functionality, and the how-did-I-ever-live-without-this back in your life. These are corporate gifts that go the extra mile.

What makes these everyday goods even better? They can all be branded with your company logo.

Can you imagine someone receiving a branded gift that they love and appreciate so much that it becomes an integral part of their daily lives?

Picture this:

  • Your company gift is something that a person always grabs before leaving the house each morning.

  • Your logo freely expressed on the item, it is presented for the world to see every single day.

  • The recipient appreciates the gesture, and finds solidarity with your brand. In turn, they feel loyalty to your company.

  • The recipient shows your gift proudly, and demonstrates the unique features and design to every person that inevitably remarks upon it.

Or you could gift another plastic keychain.

For us, quality wins the vote every time. Recipients aren’t polluting the earth by tossing a cheap tchotchke, and you aren’t investing money in an item that ends up in the trash or donation bin.

These Everyday Carry items are gifts that are used, cherished, and truly remarkable.

Ever gifting thoughtfully and remarkably,

Clove & Twine

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